Welcome to the NEW Devizes Town Cycling Website

New-Website-LaunchAs many of you will know the club had a website before, it was put together rather quickly before I disappeared off to Africa for almost a year (www.longbikeride.co.uk).

The old website was far from ideal and on my return Paddy the now Club Chairman asked if i’d be interested in bringing the site a little more up to date.

With that in mind we have now created a fairly basic new site for our members. It’s a starting block and with us listening and the help of you the members valuable feedback it has the potential to grow.



News & Articles

 The committee and an other guests are now able to easily update the website with news and articles. It’s been a while since there was a newsletter and Paddy has been working hard on making sure once the site has been live a little while you will get to read an update. The website admin team are able to upload news stories by email if they wish so much easier to update than the old site.

Latest News

Breaking_NewsYou will notice at the top of your screen once you have confirmed your OK with Cookies etc. there is a red banner. This will scroll with some of the latest information. Committee members are able to update this through their mobile app. Should a club ride be cancelled not only will it be announced on the usual  facebook groups it will also be displayed here and updated on the calendar.. Any new items here should be notified on the Facebook Groups/Page.

Calendar & Events

eventsWell that leads nicely to the Calendar and Events being shown on the site. Again the committee and admin teams can update these sections on their mobile devices using an app. In the sidebar you can see a list of events with Title, Date & Time. If you click on the Events page, there is a calendar which you can hover over a darkend date for more information and there is also a more detailed list. All three of these feed from the same information, they just present it in a different format and with differing amounts of information.


Strava Feed

stravaThe old site had this, if you are a member of DTCC on Strava your rides will be shown in the sidebar in this public feed which is no different to how it could be viewed on Strava itself. If you don’t use Strava or you aren’t registered with the club on Strava yet and would like to, simply send a request through Strava. Not only is it nice to see what other club members are doing, it also helps shame people like myself who regularly see others riding more than me!!


instagramWe all like to see photos of bikes, people riding bikes and club members enjoying a nice espresso and piece of cake. Even photos of Mr Alberti having a mechanical are nice to look at, although these could be too numerous and outweigh all the other photos received! Well now you can show your club mates your lovely photos by posting them on Instagram and using the hashtag #dtccphoto and they will miraculously appear in the sidebar and on the Photos Pages.


Join Now

You can now apply for membership or renew online! The committee has chosen the well known organisation British Cycling to manage membership. Much easier for both the Member and Membership Secretary to process new and renewals. There is a link on the Membership page to follow to become a member or renew your exisiting membership. Please read the membership information on this page before joining or renewing your membership.

Rides & Routes

wp012ede03_06Rich Monk and others have worked hard on summer and winter ride bibles, in the past creating a library of good routes for club members. The routes were previously downloadable from ridewithgps. With the introduction of the new website we had the opportunity to host the GPX files on our own site and display all the routes in one location. Under the Rides menu is a GPX files section, this page shows the re-numbered rides with a “download” link at the bottom of each ride. Right click on the link and Save As..


Feel free to send feedback about the new site, its been written for you so if there is anything you are unsure of or suggestions of things you would like to see added or changed, please let us know! In time we will send either send or put up a poll to gain feedback and would really appreciate your help in completing it.

Gary Hewitt-Long

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