DTCC are pleased to announce that we have amended our membership system and our ride policies in order to be able to accept U18 members.


In order to meet some of the responsibilities this brings we have appointed a Safeguarding Officer.  As well as filling in a parental consent form we would expect any new U18 rider to attend an Introductory Club Ride by the Club Ride Coordinator, and assessed for ability to ride safely with a group, and cover the likely distances of club activities at the specified pace level of those activities.  Ride Briefs given pre-ride by nominated Ride Leads will establish the presence of any U18 riders in the group; nominate two ride buddy’s for the U18 rider; confirm the U18 rider acknowledges the need to “check out” with the ride lead at the conclusion of the ride.  We will also need the ride lead and nominated ride buddies to ensure that there is no inadvertent “checking out” from the ride by the U18 during the ride.  Lastly, “checking out” to shortcut, cut short or turn back will be done with the agreement of both ride lead and “ride buddies”.

So – there it is.  I’m sure everyone in the club will be keen to support this, keen to support new riders, who will just as soon be dishing it out to the senior club members……so watch out !!


The Committee

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