Club Rides & Routes

We now use a ride bible to describe all our club rides, which are summarised below.map2

More detail can be downloaded from the ride bible, with links where possible to GPX or TCX files for use on those new fangled GPS things!!


NOTE: If you have not already done so please read the

Club Ride Guide Here.

As is common in the winter, the number of and variety of rides is limited. As the longer days approach, watch for changes to ride programme. Generally speaking, all rides start and finish at the Devizes Leisure Centre however, if you are attending a ride for the first time, it is advisable to email the club mailbox to confirm this.

Detailed below, are the regular, weekly club rides. In addition, we regularly run Introductory rides at 9.00am on  Saturdays. If you are interested in attending one, please email us via this website for details and we will give you details of planned rides or even organise one especially for you.

Members regularly meet and ride on weekdays and evenings depending on their personal work commitments. These rides fall outside of the organised Club rides but are great opportunities to meet new friends and cover some additional miles. The Club Facebook page is a great way to get involved in these.

Saturday – 9.00am – Training Group – Training ride

35-45 miles (approx.). A planned route that will change week by week using mostly country lanes and quiet roads and will include the odd Wiltshire hill but will always include a coffee and cake stop. Average group pace 15-18 mph. Meet at Devizes Leisure Centre.

Sunday – 8.00am – Training ride

A planned route of approx. 50 miles that will change week by week, using mostly country lanes and quiet roads. Average group pace 17-18mph.

The group will endeavour to stay together but will not stop unless a mechanical problem arises or a riding accident occurs. All members are welcome to participate but must appreciate that if the pace is not for you, you need to be suitably equipped to ensure your safe return home (know the route, carry a phone, money, ID, puncture repair kit etc). If there are sufficient numbers for two/more groups of varying pace this will be decided at the start or during the ride.

Meet to depart at 8am from Devizes Leisure Centre. This ride is dependent on members’ interest/availability week by week and is organised via our members-only Facebook group.

If you are not a member but interested in riding, you are welcome to ‘come and try’ – just email our club account to see if a ride is taking place that week. Meet at Devizes Leisure Centre.

Thursday – 6.30pm – Pace Group-Chain Gang

Spring is here and Chain Gang is back!

Starting this April (2018) DTCC Chain Gang will be on Thursday evenings 18:30 from DLC.

The format is a fast paced training ride with riders doing short turns on the front. Great for improving fitness and group riding experience.

The 25 mile route  goes to Pewsey via Rushall and then back via Alton Barnes. The aim is to keep the group(s) riding together as a unit but be prepared to enjoy a ride on your own if you don’t hold on – you’ll be stronger for it and will likely keep up the week after!

Bring lights, spare tube, phone etc. Riders who’ve not tried Chain Gang before are encouraged to come along and give it a go!

There will be some Chain Gang introductory sessions organised  in the coming weeks so – watch this space.