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Whilst it might be the depths of particularly long, wet and windy winter, there are a number of DTCC riders already with their eyes on July, on the heat, on mountains, and on the Tour de France.imageFollowing the success of last year’s trip to the Alps, a group of club riders, previously known as the “B” Team, have decided to graduate to proper, grown up mountains in the Pyrenees. 13 riders in all have booked to join the trip, including at least one new face to the club and two of the club’s growing female membership..

New Col’s

To some extent, the plan is to repeat some of the successful Alpine format. The camp is intending to mix up some pretty, long tough days, with some shorter less severe rides, mostly from the chalet basecamp, and because of the nature of the Pyrenees, potentially a vehicle transfer to one or two of the furthest away cols. imageThe camp will be based just at the foot of the Col de Peyresourde, and obvious nearby riding targets include this col, the Tourmalet, Port de Bales, Col d’Aspin, and a couple of smaller lesser known cols such as the Pla d’Adet and Col d’Azat. Col d’Aubisque, Luz Ardiden and the Hautacam are also targets, but without a vehicle transfer to the start are potentially a bit too epic to ride to and from the basecamp. As ever, weather, heat, altitude and fatigue are likely to pay a part in how much of this can be achieved, but the great joy of the Pyrenees, is lots of scope for cutting things short….to say nothing of the allure of coffee and crepe stops, and a pool at the chalet !!!

Watching Le Tour

Tour de France 2015

Tour de France 2015

Also similar to last year, is the plan to overlap with the 2016 Tour de France coming through. This was definite highlight of last year, not least seeing Chris Froome survive on Alpe d’Huez to secure his yellow jersey. Whilst we will be earlier in the Tour, with the outcome unlikely to have been sealed before they move on to the Alps, there will undoubtedly be some big moves playing out – and on the last day of our trip the Tour rides past the front door of the chalet on its way up the Peyresourde. Expect to see Devizes flags, DTCC colours and fancy dress out in force …..!!!!!

Updates to Follow

We will post more news on the trip later on in the year, so watch this space for sagas of sweat, toil, hopefully not too much blood, and plenty of accomplishment.

‘A’ Team

(It should be added that DTCC have two trips headed to the mountains this summer. The group previously known as the “A” team felt they needed to resit their Alpine examination and are headed back to the same place as last year. Details on this trip are yet to emerge as they are a closely guarded secret, though at least one member is known to be investigating some mechanical doping for his bike in order to pass the “resit”…..)

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