7th January 2015

Dear DTCC Member,

Happy New Year to all! This is intended as a short newsletter to bring you all up to speed on news from the Committee on our intentions for the first part of the year.


First of all we are trying hard to get all our 2014 members to renew their membership for 2015, as well as continuing our efforts to persuade new members to join. Our intentions for membership remain largely as per last year: we want to retain all our existing members and continue growing the club by attracting new members, particularly as we start heading towards spring. As a club we did fantastically well in our first year, but we do want to carry on growing, and it would be particularly good news if we could attract more women riders to join the club.



We are going to continue on with the Ride Bible and its existing sequence of rides. We think it is going well, and the feedback we have had from you has all been pretty positive. Once we have been round it a few more times, it will need refreshing and updating, and we will probably start doing this at the end of March. The onset of Spring, light, warmer weather, and so on, might mean to need to add some more length to the rides!!! We are also looking at adding in some periodic, audax-style longer rides – a poor mans sportive if you like! We are thinking about a ride for all, with support in the form of manned feedstations a route sweeper, perhaps some technical support, so that we can both break up the routine of the Ride Bible, but also so that we can enjoy some longer rides on the way in to the summer. We will develop this idea a bit further over the next week or so, and then we will come back to you to propose a first trial date. Standby – because we may need some cake makers !!! We are also exploring the possibility of a velodrome event at either Southampton or Newport. Again more to do on this, but this is surely on all our bucket lists!!! The events diary on FB and on the website will be being populated with these events, and all the various local sportives that we collectively know of.




The DTCC Xmas Party is rapidly coming up on us! All the details are on the Members Facebook Group – but we are looking to have a great night provided we can get you all involved. So if you are interested – please get your tickets paid for and collected before they go !!!


Website & Facebook:


We are going to work hard in the next month to try and clarify what the two Facebook groups are for, and what the website is for. Put very briefly, the public FB group is there to steer potential members towards the club. The Members only Group is there to share ride info, coordinate rides, discuss and coordinate events, and share other ideas that contribute to the clubs goals. We will need help and feedback from you to achieve this – it is your club and we are doing this so that you get what you want out of your membership and that we all contribute to growing participation in the sport we love.


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