New DTCC Club Sponsors for 2016/17


​Devizes Town Cycling Club has two new Sponsorship deals.

The committee is pleased to welcome two new sponsors to the Club.

PROLIGHT DESIGN and Finely Tuned Ride (FTR)

Finely Tuned Ride (FTR) many members will be familiar with Rob Rowe at FTR and aware of his knowledge and experience when dealing with the supply of bikes and parts as well as his extensive technical knowledge. As well as a financial donation to the Club, FTR is offering a 10% discount on repairs and parts, and a 10% discount off the full showroom price of new bikes. In addition, Rob will be supporting certain Club events during the year as well as running some technical workshops for club members; more information will be released as plans for these events are finalized.


PROLIGHT DESIGN a long established local company with strong club connections, has made a very generous financial donation to the Club. We are working to develop a plan where those monies can be used to the benefit of the further development of the club and also club members through organized events and other creative ventures. In particular we are looking to develop close working arrangements with both sponsors with a view to acknowledging the contribution they are making to the Club and how these will enhance the opportunities created by our original sponsors and contribute to the future development of the Club.

If you’d like to know more about each of the sponsors click on the sponsors logos on the sidebar or the sponsors link in the footer.

Kevin Maidment
(Club Secretary)

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