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26th November 2013

Dear All members,

further to our club committee meeting last night we would like to reaffirm our current position in terms of the “Club Rides”. We have taken the decision that it is no longer essential for a Club Committee Officer to be present at one of the rides in order for it to be sanctioned as a Club Ride. The Committee will however, remain responsible for ensuring that the route for any of the rides is published in advance so that club members can familiarise themselves with the route should a committee member not be present. We have also taken the decision that Non Members can have 1 month from the time of their first ride with us to make a decision on whether to join or not, at the end of that 1 month period they either have to become a member or unfortunately cannot ride with us. For clarity all paid members are covered on the clubs liability insurance whilst out on a club ride.

We will continue to provide the following weekly rides. Please read carefully the ride details in terms of distances/speed so that you can choose which ride is suitable for you.

Saturday Social 9am at Leisure Centre – 25 miles at approx 14-16mph average

Sunday Endurance 8am at Leisure Centre – 40-60 miles at approx 16-18mph

Thursday Chaingang 7pm at Leisure Centre – 25-30 miles at approx 21mph +

On both the Saturday and Sunday rides it is reasonable to expect that smaller groups may form whilst out on the ride dependant on speed, it is also reasonable to expect that some riders may wish to “peel” off at the appropriate point in order to either lengthen or shorten their own ride if they wish. Cafe stops on both the weekend rides will be dictated by the group dependant on route/weather/distances etc. The Thursday Chaingang will also be subject to smaller groups forming at slightly above or below the guidance speed, however please be aware that you will be riding in close proximity to other riders at speed so you need to be confident handling your bike at elevated speeds.

Please be aware that whilst we encourage all newcomers to the sport the ride format will be as above and we want riders to be clear on what to expect. We will be constantly reviewing how the rides are formatted, and indeed should there be demand for alternative “speed” groups on any of the rides we will try and cater where possible.

I hope that this is useful for you all so that you can make informed decisions about which ride to come on.

Many thanks for all of your continued support.


D.T.C.C Committee

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