Running a sports club of any type requires funding. DTCC is funded through member subscription and up until now a number of local business sponsors. As a result of this sponsorship, we are able to maintain our British Cycling affiliation, maintain a website, support a limited number of club development activities, support a limited number of social activities, support local charities, and do all that whilst maintaining our annual subscription at only £15 a year.

wp6291c62a_05_06Some of you may know that our existing sponsorship deals ran out at the end of last year. We remain extremely grateful to these original sponsors, who dived in with what was a very small start up club, and have contributed hugely to our growth.


Moving Forward

In going forward we offered all our original sponsors the option of creating a new sponsorship offer, and at the same time approached a number of other local businesses to establish what interest they might have. We are delighted to announce that we are in final negotiations with two local businesses who are keen to sponsor and partner with the club. We are still working through the details of this, but the committee believe that both sponsors are making generous offers and that taking these forward are in the best interests of the club.

So what next?

Well – we will share with club members what the detail of these deals is when we have them finalised. It will lead to some minor changes to the website, Facebook, and to the development of new marketing collateral all of which will display our new sponsors logo. You will probably have already picked up that it is our intent to to go logo free on our club kit, which avoids paying BC sponsorship fees, and better future proofs our kit.

Lastly – once this is settled, we will then be in a better position to outline a few more of the plans that we have been developing for this year and next. Watch this space !!!

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