A quick Club Kit Update on where we are with reviewing our club kit provision. You will be aware that the committee asked a small group of club members to form a sub committee and review our existing supplier and explore possible options for a different supplier. We laid out a set of criteria that we wanted the sub committee to review kit against, and by virtue of having a representative sub committee (male/female; younger/older etc) we felt that this would be a good way of doing this thoroughly in the interests of all club members. It is not the case that the existing kit is regarded as being unsatisfactory – more that we would welcome more flexibility in ordering, we want men’s and women’s kit, we want good value for money, and we had concluded that future proofing kit included the removal of sponsors’ logos. Having said that the existing kit is not unsatisfactory, it is fair to say that there are folk who like and dislike different aspects of the Owayo kit. So for all these reasons it is the right moment to be looking at a new approach.

So where are we right now?

Well the sub committee has done a great job, and has laid their hands on samples of the most popular and most likely suppliers. They have provided the committee with a short list of two who best meet the criteria, and are shortly going to provide their assessment to the committee of how these two compare. We are also looking into a car-boot display so that the samples we have (which we only get for a brief period before they are asked for back !) can be seen by other club members.


Final Decision

With January coming to an end, and with spring in mind, we are all keen I’m sure to reach a decision and get our first new order in. We do want club members to get engaged in the final decision, though no doubt many of you will have shared your feelings with the sub committee members. It is also the case that we will never satisfy absolutely everyone – there can only be a compromise or ‘best fit’. As soon as we have more on this we will get back to you – but I’m hopeful we are now only a week or two from being able to get ordering underway. In the meantime, the committee is extremely grateful for the hard work that the sub committee has put into this……….

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