“The name chain gang is an allusion to the formation that riders adopt. The rider in the front of the group will take their share of the lead, then swing to the side and let the rest of the line come through, led by a new leader. The first rider then eases up and drops in behind the last rider in the line, staying in their slipstream until once again their turn comes to ride at the front.

When there are enough riders, turns at the front can be so brief that there is a continuous flow up and down, in two lines, so that cyclists take on the role of links in a chain. For that reason: chain gang.”










By DavidvancanOwn work, GFDL, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=3918779



Chaingang Returns

DTCC Chaingang returns!  We ride Thursday night from Devizes Leisure Centre at 6.30pm, on the usual route out towards Pewsey and back in.

The aim of this club ride is to ride as a group at a fast, safe pace, fast enough to make it a tough workout, but not so fast as to be taking undue risks on the road.

This is all about encouraging the development of skill and confidence that will ultimately benefit all our riders, whether on sportives, race, or other club rides.

Chaingang is not a race..

It is not a chance to be launched booster rocket style to capture individual riders own Strava segments!!  So if you have your own very strict training plan please accept that either it has to fall into line with the group pace, or you set off on your own.

Chaingang Formats

Following the approach taken last year, we plan to organise as 3 groups, if numbers allow:  fast (averaging 32-37kph); medium (28-33kph); and steady (25-30kph).  We set the fast group off at 6.30pm, medium a few minutes after that and steady off last.  It would help ride leaders no end if when people started gathering at DLC they pre-organised into groups with this in mind.  As club policy, we do not want to release groups bigger than 8 strong onto the road.  Bigger than this causes problems for traffic and is difficult to manage, so please do not hinder ride leads by trying to force a bigger group just so that you can stay glued to your favourite back wheel !!!!

Meeting at the DLC is not the time to be bashful – most of us know from who we ride with what sort of group is going to work best for us.  Ride leads will brief at the start with what type of chaingang formation they want to use (the default is “through and off”) as there are different styles that can be adopted according to experience and numbers.  Thereafter if a rider gets dropped from the fast or medium groups they do have the option of sitting up and getting swept up into the group behind.  Note – the steady group will endeavour to keep its whole group together and will adjust the “throttle” accordingly.


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